Better leaders. 

Better society.

Outstanding leaders surround themselves with the best.

Imagine having exceptional leaders as your trusted advisors. 
This is what we do at Comète: We connect you to accomplished women leaders, build your team of advisors and elevate your leadership. Starting today.

Comète empowers women in leadership positions to transform society

As a leader, it’s hard to find a confidential place where you can get honest feedback, share real experiences, and gain perspective. 

Comète merges the best of business networking and peer-coaching to bring you the only women’s leadership program built as a private executive business club.

Meet your personal
board of advisors

Dedicated to the boldest women in leadership, we expertly match you with your personal board: 10 peers with diverse experience who share similar business objectives and act as your trusted advisors.


Experience a powerful
learning journey

With Comète, you join a safe and confidential space. 

You engage with your personal board, learn from executive coaches, connect with like-minded peers, and access prominent business leaders and programming.


of Comète members say that Comète has had a significant positive impact on their career trajectory


of Comète members recommend joining Comète to their peers

We Are Comete Networking Executive Women 1

Get a confidence boost

With the support of your peers, cultivate unshakable confidence in your strengths. Connecting with accomplished women executives who value your unique talents reinforces your capabilities, fuels your growth, and empowers you to lead confidently.


Sharpen your executive skills

Comète serves as a launching pad for your career. Your board grows with you, helping you gain unbiased insights to challenge the status-quo, make better decisions, and unveil new business opportunities.


Forge deep relationships

You forge deep connections, cultivate purposeful relationships and grow your network with true peers who understand your journey. Comète creates a safe and authentic space for your growth, via virtual and in-person events.


Elevate yourself and your peers

Access the collective knowledge and support from leaders facing similar challenges. By sharing your journey and collaborative problem-solving, pave the way for other women.

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Our values

Ambition, Authenticity and Collective guide everything we do

We nurture ambition as a driving force, inspiring members to openly pursue success, embrace growth, be visible, and connect with a peer community.

We cultivate deep, meaningful relationships to foster trust, achieve goals, and lead a fulfilling personal and professional life

We believe in the power of collective strength and diverse experiences. Senior leaders connect, share experiences, and reach new heights together.

Ready to redefine your leadership narrative?

Join Comète today and access the most powerful network of women executives.

Meet the team

While living in NYC, Anne-Sophie, Célia, and Patricia, the founders of Comète, witnessed firsthand the profound impact of networks and peer support.

Over a decade of experience had led them to a crucial realization: 
reaching the top can be an isolating journey, particularly for women.

Fueled by a passion to boost female representation as well as organizational efficiency, they combined business networking and peer-coaching to create Comète. This revealed the transformative power of a personal board of advisors.

We Are Comete Team of executive women Anne-Sophie Viard Celia Senger Patricia Udekwe

Join Comète today

Take the first step to elevate your leadership, strengthen your confidence, learn from the most inspiring women in business and gain control over your career.