Unlock the Power of Diversity & Inclusion

At Comète, we understand the pivotal role your organization plays in fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion. Elevate your workplace by partnering with us to overcome your most pressing challenges and champion equal representation.


How are you currently investing in your women talents, and is it truly enough?


How do you ensure you're preparing your pipeline for their next role, and are your strategies effective?


Beyond the French index, have you been able to initiate a meaningful culture shift to achieve your Diversity and Inclusion goals?

At Comète, we believe change starts from the top with a diverse team.

We work with you to empower your women leaders and reshape organizational culture.

Show your senior executive you care through meaningful investment.

Why you should enroll your leaders in Comète

Fuel your organizational growth: Enroll executive women in Comète to nurture inclusive leadership, develop your talents, and sustain the retention of your top performers.

Accelerate equal representation

Comète empowers your organization to break gender barriers and foster a culture where women leaders thrive.

Recognize and support top-performing women leaders

Leadership can be isolating. Support your senior leaders by championing them within an exclusive peer cohort.

Nurture your pipeline of women's talents

Propel your women executives while contributing to your organization’s leadership development strategy with Comète transformative program.

Retain your stars

Accelerate growth, elevate job satisfaction, and secure long-term commitment from your top talents.

Stand out in the talent war

In a competitive talent market, position your organization as an inclusive pioneer, attracting top talents.

The all-in-one place to develop your leaders

Over 12 months, your talents benefit from peer learning, collective coaching, masterclasses, on-the-ground experience, and leadership retreats, with monthly meetings for quick action.

Peer coaching and mentoring

With an executive coach, offer +30 hours of leadership training through peer coaching, masterclasses, and leadership retreats.

Soft Skills Development

Accelerate soft-skills development with self-pace learning and peer insights.

Industry Benchmark

Explore cross-industry collaborations with representation from +25 sectors

Proven learning methodology

Certified by Qualiopi, Comète earns a 94% recommendation

Consistency over 12 months

Regular meet-ups for meaningful changes. 2/3 of members renew their membership

Mix of virtual and in-person

Comète seamlessly fits into your executive schedule with 80% remote access

The all-in one program for your leaders

Go beyond traditional mentoring and 1-1 coaching for your executives. Introduce a comprehensive 360-degree leadership program, combining the depth of executive training with ongoing support for lasting impact.

How we work with you


Get started

Book a first call to discuss your leadership engagement and D&I objectives



Identify your eligible leaders.
Enroll them in the Comète program through a streamlined membership review and personalized onboarding.


Follow progress
for impact

Stay informed about the program activities and impact, with continuous opportunities to shape the Comète experience according to your organizational objectives.

Invest in
your talents

Organizations with gender-diverse leadership teams experience higher levels of employee engagement
of employees would stay longer at a company that invests in their career development
European firms with greater gender diverse executive teams are 21% more likely to outperform peers*
European companies with diverse executive boards have a higher market value

Ready to transform your workplace?

We work with companies across all industries to develop tailored, cohort sponsorship for your women executives. Book a call with Comète to explore options.